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    So Sirens is a single camera comedy revolving around the lives of EMTs. Last night they revealed that Voodoo, the female above, is asexual. Now when they first said this on the show, it was told by Brian’s (male above) trainers, who are comedically narcissistic and self-destructive. So naturally, I didn’t believe them.

    Now Brian likes her and was going to ask her out when his fellow EMTs told him that she was asexual. And when he did go to talk to her, he did the typical thing that most people who don’t understand anything outside of straight and gay say, “maybe it’s just a phase”. 

    First off, she was very cool about it. Clearly she had dealt with this before and she knew Brian was a lovable good guy so she just broke it down for him and made it clear—she’s into guys, and would love to get closer to Brian, but sex is NEVER on the table because it just isn’t for her. 

    At the end of the episode, Brian goes to her place and you know what he does? HE ACCEPTS HER DECISION. He tells her flat out, “You don’t want to have sex and I’m not having sex right now (not by choice) but I still like you, and even if we never have sex…it’s fine.

    SO NOT ONLY, did they actually portray an asexual person as someone capable of romantic feelings and being attracted to someone, but they also gave them a love interest where he is accepting of her decision but still chooses to be with her anyway because he likes her that much!

    ARGHHH. THIS. MORE OF THIS PLEASE. I watch a lot of TV but I can honestly say this is the first time I’ve ever seen an actual asexual character where they identify themselves as asexual and it’s done so well.

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      Couldn’t find it on hulu but here’s a site to watch it. http://watchseries.lt/serie/sirens_uk
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      Wow! A series with an asexual character that actually acknowledges that the character is asexual? Where can I watch...
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